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Experienced live recording engineer for TV, online content, & other location recording, with fully equipped portable studio.
Rag'n'Bone Man - Box TV - Recording Engineer.
Louellen - Bussey Sessions - Recording engineer & producer.
Kerrang - Rock Stories - Assistant Recording Engineer.
Bebe Rexha - Box TV - Recording Engineer.


Currently working from a personal studio in a renovated barn in the East Sussex countryside, & a purpose built commercial studio in Hastings. Each space is equipped with a diverse collection of mics, amps, instruments & other outboard, as detailed below. Residential options available.
Designed & built by Ryan Sim-Savage, the studio features a 70 sq/m live room centred around a 1920's Bluthner grand piano. With an in-house Slingerland custom & Gretsch Catalina kit, a tube-powered Hammond tonewheel organ, amps & cabs from Orange, Traynor, Selmer, Fender as well as more unique combos, keyboards & Leslies, we can provide the majority of what any band or artist would need to turn up & make a great sounding record. Our shared mic & outboard collection includes classic condensor, ribbon & dynamic gear from Neumann, AKG, Beyerdynamic, Sennheiser, Sanken, Electrovoice, pres from Neve, Ampex, BBC/Glensound, Alice Stancoil, DAV, & a variety of other tubes, transformers & tape delays. The control room has been meticulously designed to provide a neutral yet inspiring listening environment, & the live room a bright, wood-infused, balanced sound, perfect for jazz & rock bands alike. With 32 room lines, audio screens & separate amp cupboard & vocal booth, large ensemble recordings are easily catered for. Kitchen & bathroom facilities are included on site. 


A private DIY studio in the East Sussex countryside, making use of a 500 sq/m(!!) working barn as a live room, & a cosy, welcoming, outhouse control room. What the space lacks in mod cons, it more than makes up for in natural ambience, & is perfect for any project that needs to capture a spacious, organic sound, from modern post-rock to doom metal, to 70's Led Zep worship. Away from distractions, it's been a sanctuary from reality for both personal projects & those of others alike, & for any recording where budget is a little more sensitive, it can be an ideal option, whether in full, or to supplement tracking in the main studio above. Mics, pres, instruments & outboard can be shared between the two spaces, to provide an industry standard quality recording, regardless of location. Lots of fields available on site.


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